Eket 2013: Thompson & Grace Medical University Investor Conference

Grace Gardens, Eket, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

January 31, 2013 – February 4, 2013

Thompson & Grace Medical City is a futuristic master-planned city. The city’s master plan is an all-inclusive development that will have multiple land uses including a medical university park, research institutions, real estate and hospitality. Upon completion the city will be home to a 700-bed world-class medical center, and a series of specialty clinics in the medical park. This central unit will be connected to a series of ambulatory primary care centers distributed throughout the state. The entire medical system is fondly known as world-class health system (WCHS). The WCHS will provide health services of world class standard to become the premier medical destination in the world.

The vision of Thompson & Grace Medical University is to become the leader in health care, medicine, research and education. The mission is to create possibility for cutting edge research in medicine and health care in Africa, to deliver medical education of highest quality, and to provide affordable medical and health services of the highest quality possible.  Thus, the objective of Thompson & Grace Medical City is to cater for the needs of all the people living and working in the city, and all the people visiting the city for medical and for all other reasons.

To communicate the vision to create this medical city, Ustawi Research Institute is organizing a 3-day investor conference on behalf of Thompson & Grace Investment Limited. The investor conference will take place from January 31, 2013, through February 4, 2013 at Grace Gardens, in Eket, Nigeria.

The theme of the conference is “Creating World Class Medical City in the Heart of Africa.” The conference aims to bring together many local and international investors to discover ways of participating in financing various aspects of Thompson & Grace Medical City.





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